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Sun Decorer

Set of 2 Elegant Artificial Lily Stems, with Blooms and Buds

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This artificial lily stem captures the exquisite beauty of a real flower, featuring a full bloom and two buds. The vibrant pink and white petals, accented with spots, create a natural and delicate look, while the dark green leaves provide a realistic backdrop. Perfect for a floral arrangement or as a standalone piece in a slender vase.

  • Comes in a set of two, perfect for symmetrical arrangements or individual display.
  • Each stem features a full bloom and two buds, capturing the growth stages of lilies.
  • Constructed from premium materials for a long-lasting, fresh appearance.
  • Wired stems allow for flexible positioning and easy adaptation to any vase.
  • The stems are sized at 14 inches, ideal for both compact and expansive spaces.