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Sun Decorer

Elegant Trio of Artificial Bird of Paradise Leaves - 26" High

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Elevate your interior with the exotic charm of our artificial Bird of Paradise leaves. This set of three, each standing 26 inches tall, captures the essence of tropical beauty with their detailed 5x11 inch leaf blades. Ideal for creating a focal point in any room, these faux leaves feature flexible stems for effortless styling.

  • Exotic and Lifelike: The Bird of Paradise leaves are designed with attention to detail, offering a realistic and exotic appearance.
  • Flexible Styling: With bendable stems, these leaves can be arranged to fit any vase or decorative scheme.
  • Statement Piece: The grand 26-inch height of each leaf helps create an eye-catching display in home or office settings.
  • Evergreen Decor: Crafted for durability, these leaves remain vibrant and maintenance-free year-round, without the need for water or light.