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Sun Decorer

Artificial Hyacinth Flower Stems - 16" with Triple Leaf Design, Varied Hues

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Enhance your interior with our artificial hyacinth stems, exquisitely designed to capture the essence of the original blooms. At 16 inches tall, each stem features a trio of verdant leaves and is crafted from a soft rubber material for flexibility and a lifelike touch. Available in classic white, soft lavender, and serene blue to complement any decor.

  • Authentic Look: Mimics real hyacinths with detailed petal texture and natural hues.
  • Soft and Bendable: Rubber construction allows for graceful, organic shapes.
  • Conveniently Sized: At 16 inches, they fit seamlessly into your existing arrangements.
  • Zero Maintenance: Offers everlasting floral beauty without the need for water or care.
  • Color Variety: Perfect for mixing and matching with white, lavender, and blue options.