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Sun Decorer

Luxurious Cascading Artificial Wedding Bouquet in Ivory Tones

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This enchanting artificial wedding bouquet cascades gracefully, creating an air of sophistication and romance. The entire piece measures an impressive 20 inches in length, with a convenient 6-inch handle for ease of carrying. Designed with a waterfall of ivory and beige blooms, accented with delicate greenery and wispy tendrils, this bouquet is perfect for creating a statement on your wedding day.

  • Impressive 20-inch length for a dramatic cascading effect.
  • Comfortable 6-inch handle ensures easy handling throughout the ceremony.
  • Crafted with a delicate blend of ivory and beige artificial blooms for a classic look.
  • Features a variety of textures, including soft petals and feathery accents.
  • Detailed with sophisticated greenery and ribbon, giving it a finished, polished appearance.