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Woodland Charm Pinecone Stems - 19-inch Flexible Artificial Pine Picks, Set of 10

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Infuse your decor with the cozy essence of a forest retreat with our Woodland Charm Pinecone Stems. This set of 10 features artfully arranged pinecones on flexible 19-inch stems, providing a naturalistic touch to any setting. Ideal for seasonal decor or a rustic accent in year-round arrangements.

  • Nature-Inspired Beauty: A selection of fine pinecones for a genuine woodland feel.
  • Flexible Arrangement: Stems that bend to suit your decorating needs, offering custom presentation.
  • Substantial Height: At 19 inches, these stems are perfect for creating dynamic centerpieces or adding depth to arrangements.
  • Versatile Decor: From holiday tables to rustic weddings, these pinecone stems add a charming touch to any occasion.