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Artificial Dandelions Stems 20in Tall (Set of 3)

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Create a captivating atmosphere with the Artificial Dandelions Stems set. This set includes three stems, each measuring 20 inches in length, adorned with a total of twelve dandelion seed heads, six branches, and complementing leaves. The bendable stems allow for effortless customization of height and angle, ensuring a perfect arrangement for any space. These dandelion seed heads, with a diameter ranging from 1.2 to 1.6 inch, are made of high-quality plastic and velvet-like material, providing a realistic look and feel. Please note that the flower vase is not included, giving you the freedom to showcase these stunning flowers in your preferred vessel.

  • Set of three artificial dandelion stems, each measuring 20 inches in length.
  • Striking and noticeable addition to enhance any room.
  • Versatile placement options for cohesive displays or scattered arrangement.
  • Bendable stems for effortless adjustment of height and angle.
  • Flower vase not included, allowing personalization in vessel selection.
  • Each stem features six branches, twelve dandelion seed heads, and accompanying leaves.
  • Dandelion seed head diameter ranges from 1.2 to 1.6 inch.
  • Crafted from plastic and velvet-like material for a realistic appearance.