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Sun Decorer

Set of 6 Flexible Fabric Lamb's Ear Stems, with 15 Leaves

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Craft a serene and inviting atmosphere with our set of six beautifully realistic Lamb's Ear Stems, each adorned with 15 delicate fabric leaves. Designed with flexibility in mind, these stems can be shaped and bent to fit any arrangement, offering the perfect blend of natural beauty and versatility. The soft, fabric leaves are enhanced with detailed texturing, capturing the essence of Lamb's Ear with remarkable accuracy.

  • Lifelike Detail with each stem bearing 15 meticulously crafted leaves for fullness.
  • Flexible Stems for easy adjustment and perfect placement within your arrangements.
  • Premium Fabric and Flocking for a realistic look and a velvety touch.
  • Convenient Set of six to create lush groupings or distribute individually.
  • Perfectly Proportioned at 12 inches in height, ideal for tabletop vases and accents.