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Artificial Peony, Hydrangea, Silver Leaf Chrysanthemum Bouquet Arrangement

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Enhance your space with this stunning Artificial Peony, Hydrangea, and Silver Leaf Chrysanthemum Bouquet Arrangement. The bouquet features lifelike peonies, hydrangeas, and silver leaf chrysanthemums, complemented by various foliage, all beautifully arranged in a fabric material. Standing at an overall height of 18 inches (46cm), this arrangement adds elegance and charm to any setting.

  • Lifelike artificial peonies, hydrangeas, and silver leaf chrysanthemums
  • Includes complementary foliage for a natural and realistic appearance
  • Made with high-quality fabric material
  • Overall height of 18 inches (46cm)
  • Adds a touch of elegance and beauty to any space